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Information service
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Looking for someone who still owes you money or has jilted as Mietnomade on her rent and a devastated apartment? They are in search of a distant relative in order to inheritance scheme?
Maybe you need but only the current address of the school's best friend? For our detective agency no problem!
Opportunities and reasons there are finally many, why information about certain persons as are of importance.
Take advantage of the many years of experience from the detective bureau Meyer and take you by phone, in writing or by email contact us. In the first week, we take you through the necessary steps and our approach. We will answer all your questions and begin with order as quickly as possible with the research.
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Detektiv - Büro Privatauskunftei
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Each of us can come into conflict with the law and become an interested party in a dispute - for example, when signing a contract at the office, for a consignment, with an inheritance matter, a divorce or custody case.
In this everyday activities, there can always happen that you need evidence to get his right.
We analyze the existing situation, the evidence of the opposing party and observe people affected to you as quickly as possible to help your rights.
Contact our office detective Meyer in Bremen, so that we can be conclusive to the side.
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To close on the heels of a suspect, is a detective today not enough. It is not enough if only the detective the truth has come a step closer. Ultimately, it comes to supply decisive evidence.
For this reason, our detectives are regularly trained and updated to the latest technology and forensic science in the investigative work. The GPS tracking and video surveillance are just a few of the many methods of investigation, which we apply as a detective agency Meyer.
To equip our Bremer detective with the latest technology and forensics, we take the time and effort, because this is one of the prerequisites for a modern and for a satisfactory investigative work.
Collection of delinguet bills
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Divorce is not a pleasant thing for all parties concerned. In particular, when despite joint custody, one of the partners, the education of their child, neglected.
You have the feeling that her former partner receives a new income, but this does not indicate on the maintenance calculation? You suspect that the child is neglected in custody owner or have to experience even physical violence or addiction states? Do you have to pay your ex-spouse maintenance and suspect behind a scam? Your former partner shortens reason the alimony to your kids and you do not know what you are supposed to pay the fixed cost per month?
For all these and other situations and the application in court on redetermination of custody, there is a need of a complete proof.
Contact our office detective Meyer in Bremen and we provide reliable and of course discreet for clarity and hard evidence.
Security Counsling
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In times of a transparent media world, it is important to provide for his own safety.
By Facebook & Co. It is made especially stalkers very easy to get personal information such as address or place of residence without detours. Their victims are in practice finally almost defenseless and helpless. They are purposefully intimidated and sometimes even physically threatened - clearly, that there's some required safety advice.
We, from the detective bureau Meyer in Bremen, had been more likely to do with victims of fanatical stalkers. We give advice where you are already at a loss. We help you to make your followers arrest and determine in all directions. For if one is close to our heart, it's your safety.
Take today to contact us and we will put the detective bureau Meyer us today with you and seek with you for a quick but effective solution.
Home & Buisness security Systems
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Provision of evidence
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Modern technology
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